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Service Activities Of Hyderabad  
Under the inspiration, guidance, care, protection and love of our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations hava taken up the following 97 activities in the last three years with the support of the members of organizations.
  1. De-fluoridation plants installed in 8 villages-30,000 people provided with safe and clean drinking water every day
  2. Vasper-Green honey comb panels-beneficiaries in village venkatapuram-30 families
  3. Leaf plate manufacture-beneficiaries- 4 families
  4. Fashion Design-Tailoring-beneficiaries- 60 mahila members in villages.
  5. Toilet construction- Nagasanipallli-beneficiaries 300 members; Roads and drains-Temple work done.
  6. Construction of Schools -9 buildings under SSSGY(Sri Satya Sai Gurukula Seva Yagnam) project.
  7. Cancer detection and treatment-beneficiaries in 12 villages-3000 people
  8. Diabetic detection and treatment-600 people
  9. Cataract surgery-beneficiaries- Several
  10. Special intricate surgeries-beneficiaries – Several
  11. Hospital bed availability for surgeries-6 hospitals-18 beds
  12. Doctors in attendance and hosptals-22 super specialties
  13. Reconnecting lives programmes-12 in the city-outside district participation
  14. Software design for Sevadal registration, blood grouping, skill sets, contacts, designed-updated and released under free license for all India-by Hyderabad youth group
  15. Conducted several sessions of Computer learning skills, Spoken English, Interview performance training and Employment melas
  16. Traffic management teams for the city
  17. Orphanage homes- Victoria Hostels-beneficiaries- 700 children
  18. Rudram learning classes and programs-beneficiaries- All centers
  19. Saamuhika mass Sri Satya Sai Vrathams- by Samithis and villages
  20. Study circles at Samithis
  21. Hyderabad district has been upgraded from one Samithi to 27 full fledged Samithi's in seven years. Membership from 650 to 950 in Men and from 350 to 700 in Mahilas -currently the youth strength is 150 active members-mostly professionals
  22. Office Bearers-Active Workers-Mahila Members-Youth and City Elite are well connected to Electronic –email services on line
  23. Navasootra jnana yagnam-1500 participants in all Samithi-Practitioners
  24. Tuition for college students at Sivam & other places -30 boys
  25. PremaJyothi in the city-beneficiaries-72000 people-motivation-impact
  26. PremaJyothi elite visitors reconnecting meet conducted at four places with 200 new members’ participation at each center
  27. University to Universality Programme - Visit to colleges-1400 students-10, Vice-Chancellors – Prasanthi Nilayam- Impact
  28. Prasanthi Seva Meetings and Training- Three in Hyderabad- Regional and another on May 30th , 2010
  29. Disaster Management meet and Team formation -12 members
  30. Flood Relief Center- Mobilization- Mehaboobnagar- Combined regional service
  31. Local Narayana Seva centers - beneficiaries- 4500 every month- 6 centers
  32. Nithyanarayana seva center in Abdullapurmet - beneficiaries- Mentally retarded persons- 42 beneficiaries
  33. Summer Water Centers-18 Camps -beneficiaries- Several hundred, participation-100 Sevadal every day-April, May and June
  34. Mahila combined awareness programme on human values-300 participants
  35. Mahila members visit to Maternity hospitals for distribution of baby wear to new born babies – beneficiaries – Several hundreds
  36. Matha Sisu Samrakshna Programme in five villages-beneficiaries naming ceremony conducted in Sivam
  37. Mahila Sevadal members - Service to pregnant women and mother & baby care and provision of protein and nutritional Foods and Medicines
  38. City school teachers awareness programme on educare and values- beneficiaries -200 teachers
  39. Awareness of Satya Sai medical activities to Medical professionals programme-75 doctors
  40. Free Legal Advice centers -12 legal experts in attendence at Sivam
  41. Training for Upadhi Kalpana center- 40 Girls each batch for 40 days – On going
  42. Sivam Anniversary service and arrangements - Once a year
  43. Swami's Birthday event for seven days at Sivam – Cultural events, Poojas, Narayana Seva and Mega Medical events
  44. Medical rehabilitation programmes-connected to Prasanthi Nilayam Super Speciality Hospital
  45. Management of railway book stall - 3 members
  46. Sale of books in 5 city book houses
  47. Management of Sivam book house and trust-6 members
  48. Management of Sivam medical specialists center - 14 doctors
  49. Medical services in Samithis - 6 centers-beneficiaries -1200 people a month.
  50. Narayana seva at Sivam-300 people every month
  51. Management of Sivam kitchen center-3 batches of four sevadal for every occasion. Food for all programmes is prepared here by Sevadal-a minimum of 1000 people are served at any time
  52. Management of Sri Sathya Sai Pharma center- procurement, inventory and distribution of medicines to districts - four members
  53. Mahila Vedam learning center at Sivam-every Monday- 3 teachers
  54. Mahila Vibhag programmes related to women empowerment, advancement and spirituality on 19th of every month
  55. Veda Maalika Telugu pocket book produced by Mahila Sevadal is in large demand all over the country. Similarly Bhagawath Geetha booklet was produced
  56. Bala Vikas Gurus programmes in Sivam and Vidya Vihar center-400 gurus
  57. Bala Vikas city combined programmes at Sivam-200 children
  58. Bala Vikas parenting programmes in Sivam - Samithi-exhibition at national level done in Chennai and Hyderabad
  59. Sri Satya Sai Seva Organization service centers in city- 25 centres -now one in Vanasthalipuram under construction-and two under planning-site acquired.
  60. National Narayana Seva programme beneficiaries and participants-750/800
  61. College and High school students sponsorship-beneficiaries and participants- Several
  62. Sadhana camps at Sivam and Samithis – 3 events
  63. Preparation and Dispatch of Sai protein food to Prasanthi Nilayam monthly-100 kg of Sai protein packed-for 40 villages around Prasanthi Nilayam
  64. Bala Vikas monthly Telugu magazine-production and dispatch-1800 copies-9 members work on this task
  65. Sai Seva Jhari monthly Telugu magazine- Production and dispatch -2200 copies- 8 members work on this task continuously
  66. Day to day spirituality programs for the intellectuals of the city-950 attendees
  67. Ravindra Bharathi University Students Meet – two events -1200 students each time.
  68. Special service at Prasanthi Nilayam by Hyderabad youth during Sivarathri and Birthday event -40 youth participate
  69. Medical and Spiritual service for auto drivers-120 attendees
  70. Medical and health awareness programme for rag pickers-100 beneficiaries
  71. Food, clothes and medical support to old age homes and handicapped children homes
  72. Elocution, essay and devotional singing – talent search programme in 450 schools and colleges for 4000 students-by each Samithi Center and finals at Sivam- Conducted every year
  73. Care of Physically challenged people at Sivam and villages
  74. Management-production of Sai programmes - translated talks-dramas-musical programmes for Prasanthi Digital Studio at Sivam digital studios atleast once every month
  75. Production of multimedia cassettes of the texts books for visually impaired college students - Intermediate and degree students -1000 beneficiaries
  76. Programmes as prescribed on Indian culture and spirituality at Sivam and Samithi centers – three events
  77. Programmes on Indian culture and spirituality for school going children at Samithi centers during summer and winter- 6 events, 80/100 students each batch.
  78. Recruitment and management of Deena Jana Odharana Pathakam -boys at the center- 9 to 10 currently in Saroor Nagar
  79. Organisation-procurement and management of blood grouping and collection
  80. Contacts of blood donors and meeting the needs of beneficiaries
  81. Ceiling on desires programmes and practice - how is it being done
  82. Monthly combined meets of Sevadal at Sivam-function
  83. Sri Satya Sai Village Integration program sapthaaham in villages-7 villages with all 7 categories of services
  84. Yearly Yagnam events by the Sanathana Bhagavatha Pundits at Sivam- 3 events - 600 attendees each time
  85. Samithi celebrations at Sivam on every festival - every year
  86. Samithi bhajans at Sivam on every evening
  87. Samithi Mahila Sevadal puja and Sivam cleaning programme every day
  88. Participation of Mahila Sevadal on food and kitchen services at Sivam
  89. Security service at Sivam -normal and special need
  90. Cooked food supplies to orphanages
  91. Supply of books and study aids to school going children
  92. Scholarships to college going and high school students
  93. Support of girls- college going visually impaired students-study tools-hostel fees payment-12 members at inter and degree level
  94. Supply of computers-350 numbers-Syllabus-guidance for learning skills- for other districts as well
  95. Regional Bhajan learning programme conducted with- state coordinator's support
  96. Samithi conveners meet at Prasanthi Nilayam-orientation programme
  97. “Go-Samrakshana” service-saving cows going to slaughter houses- 44 cows rescued-preserved in rehabilitation centers
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